Valiasr Orphanage

The Project

ICC charity was approached by a fund raiser, whom for confidentiality will be known as Leyla, wishing to raise funds for an orphanage in her home town of Shiraz, namely Vali-e-asr Orphanage and some other families in need. Vali-e-asr orphanage specialises in children with special needs.

Becoming a Project Leader and Fundraising

ICC supported Leyla by mentoring and advising as to how best to fund raise jointly through "Just Giving" facility and "Becoming a Project Leader" contract. Leyla decided to raise funds by getting help from friends and organising a charity luncheon event at a local church. A total sum of £1,500 was raised.


The costs to ICC involved in the fund raising for this project were: £35 printing for posters and leaflets + £25 x 2 petrol for transport to London on the day of fund raising and a second trip to report back to the group of donors. The sum of £100 was also allocated for travel expenses to check the orphanage, the local hospital in Shiraz and the other families whom Leyla wished to help.

Therefore, a total of £185 was paid by ICC to support the fund raising and ensure compliance of this project.

The exchange rate for £1,600 at the time was for the sum of 7,275,000 Touman.

The ICC local member Ms. Tari, travelled to both Vali-e-asr centre and the local hospital accompanied by Leyla's volunteer Mr. Mortazavi.  It was shown that the cost of two operations for the children at this centre required settlement, therefore the sum of 2,644,500 touman was paid for the operation of one child and 1,080,000 touman for the other child.

Following investigation into the other families introduced by Leyla, 3 mn touman was transferred to an account relating to them for appropriate support.

The remainder 622,500 touman was spent on physio-therapy of one child - and paid to the Vali-e-asr centre.  This sum would support one child for two weeks.

Other similar Charities requesting financial support is ARYA Association. Any funds raised for this centre and donated via ICC will be spent at either of these centres with verification.

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