Roghaieh Orphanage

When ICC was introduced to this orphanage in year 2010, the centre was an old building, with capacity for only 30 children of mixed gender aged 0 to 7 years, but they were housing about 80 children.  They were in dire need for additional space and play facilities for the children.  Our charity provided a range of age appropriate toys and play equipment from toddler age to 7 years.  Our charity also provided a printer for their office which was creating difficulty for administration of the centre.

Fortunately over the next few years, philanthropists donated sufficient funds and building materials to help expand the building to accommodate the 80 or so children. Our charity committed to provide outdoor play facilities once the building work was completed.

Roghieh centre does benefit from an immense amount of good will with the local community and with help of good management gets relevant support for nutrition and primary needs of the children.

Since then, the Roghieh Centre has requested that we provide indoor play equipment facilities rather than outdoor ones.  We are working with the centre to select and provide the appropriate equipment.


Our charity’s long term objective in our Educate program will be to:

  1. Provide education to staff and carers of the Roghieh Centre with child protection and welfare issues during the children’s stay at the centre.
  2. Provide education to staff and carers in respect of transitional period for moving the children to following centres.
  3. Research the areas of education and nature of support to parents (or extended family) of those at risk children that could benefit from a program eliminating risk to those children and help keep families together.
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