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The second psychological workshop

Title:  - Parenting Education Program "Strengthening families, Strengthening Communities"

Authority issuing Accredited Certificates:  Race Equality Foundation 

Date: 18th July 2016

Duration: 7 weeks program

Number of people attending: 100 attendance

Objective: To provide Accredited Education and training to employees, volunteers, social workers, psychologists for various NGO and

Government bodies in safeguarding children through educating their families.

Participating Organisations: Ministry of Education; Social Services; Psychologists ; Omid-e-Mehr Charity.

Program cost: £10,094   (£100 per person)

Organisations who are invited for the next round of training (3rd December 2016) are: Tehran Council (Shahrdari) department for

public protection from harm; Ministry of Education and Social Services (Karaj) 


Following two years of planning and applications, one of the first steps of our Iran's newly registered branch was to start our Educate

Program Campaign, to provide academic education to children as well as provide transfer of skills and expertise in prevention of a range

harm, from sex and drug abuse to self harm and suicide.


Our Charity's overall Educate Program consists of the following four sections:

1- Provision of academic education to all children who are not eligible for state education or require financial and practical support to fulfil

their educational potential.  

2 – Provision of psychological, health and well-being education, workshop and outreach program for the children at risk.

3- Provision of education (preferably accredited) and training of volunteers, employees, teachers, staff, social workers and psychologists for

various NGO's and Government bodies in safeguarding children and the above topics.

4 - Increasing education to the parents and the public and transfer of skills and expertise to management and decision makers, in order to

help them make better decisions, in provision of funding and training of their volunteers and staff.


What our charity is undertaking is unique and very important.  We hope through public and corporate sponsorships and donations our

charity is able to support those children who are currently subjected to lack of education and such tragedies.


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